Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

“The deepest most luxurious massage on the planet!”

What it is:

An adaptation of an ancient form of barefoot massage using deep compression effleurage gliding over the body. Gravitational force is combined with centrifugal and centripetal movements to bring about a structural change in chronic soft tissue damage. Correct application will provide deep relaxation and stimulate the lymphatic system of the body. Bars are used over the head for balance and lubricant is applied.

Where it Came From:

The word Ashiatsu (ashi means foot and atsu means pressure) is an ancient form of bodywork brought to us by Buddhist monks and has always been associated with traditional Shiatsu with underlining dynamics in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The traditional Ashiatsu treatment took into consideration breathing patterns, emotional states, and focused heavily on diet. The work was done with the recipient clothed and on the floor while the practitioner would use hand and foot pressure to balance the basic principals of change. This form of bodywork is a small part of the very complex system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that requires years of study for true understanding.

Some refer to Ashiatsu as Barefoot Shiatsu but even they are different as they are both a continually changing and evolving form of bodywork. It is important to understand the differences between Ashiatsu and Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy™.

Although the roots of Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy™ are definitely Asian, the technique and application are truly western. Our technique is NOT performed on a floor mat or through clothing. Our focus is on western application and sciences using foot compression to deliver Swedish massage. We use deep compression massage based on a western viewpoint and using the feet and not the hands to manipulate the soft tissue of muscle.

Why Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is so famous for back pain relief:

“Proof is in the pudding” and our one footed strokes are having a remarkable effect on clients who suffer from chronic low back pain. Your back will never feel so good.Our clients are saying “awesome, wonderful and how much better they feel”. “It truly is the deepest most luxurious massage ever.”

Call or email today to find out if Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy is for you. It is a wonderful experience.

  • 75 minutes $105
  • 90 minutes $115